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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


The Farm At Deer Crossing

**A proud member of the Tennessee Agritourism Association


A little bit about us:

The Farm at Deer Crossing is a 52 acre family farm and agritourism destination located in beautiful Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Tucked away in Wilson County, just a few minutes from I-840 and I-40, The Farm at Deer Crossing is a working farm and the home of Paul and Donna Harbin, whom both work in the day-to-day operations of the farm. 

Of course running a successful farm isn’t an easy task, but the Harbin family is devoted to building a successful tradition for their family. The Farm at Deer Crossing consists of four main sections: Myotonic Goat Breeding & Sales, Farm Stay Lodging, Tree Growing and Harvesting, Hemp Farming and Rustic Farm Weddings. 

Myotonic Goat Breeding & Sales

The Myotonic goat is a distinct breed yet it has many synonyms for names, including Nervous Goats, Wooden-Leg Goats, Scare Goats, Fainting Goats, and Tennessee Fainting Goats. The breed is a multi-purpose goat derived from a variety of strains of goats that were originally from Tennessee. As is typical of locally developed breeds, the overall type and conformation do vary somewhat more than is typical of imported, standardized breeds (dairy breeds, Angoras, Boers). However, the breed does have several distinctive features that set them apart from other goat breeds, and it is these features that help to define the Myotonic goat as a breed. Several old strains of Myotonic goats persisted in Tennessee, and goats of these lines can still be found. In addition, several lines developed in Texas since the 1950s, and some of these have a slightly different “look” by virtue of being selected in a different environment and for different goals. One must remember that the Texas goats ultimately originated in Tennessee and so both strains are indeed branches of the same breed. The relatively newer strain of the breed is the minis. The mini Myotonic goats retain the distinctive breed features, though in a more compact and shorter size. They too ultimately originated in Tennessee, just as the Texas strain, and so too are a branch of the same Myotonic breed.


Prices range from $350.00-$500.00

Please email for current availability!!!

The purchase price includes:
1. Vaccination for C,D &T at four weeks and a booster at eight weeks of
2. Worming at eight weeks of age.
3. Freshly trimmed hooves.
4. Current sire and dam test results for CAE, CL, and Johne’s.
5. Documentation of date of birth and health records will be
6. Health certificate can be provided by our veterinarian at
the buyer’s expense.
7. All prices are firm.
8. 10% discount for multiple purchases.
9. 10% discount to veterans, firefighters, and police with proof of status.
10. Only one discount may be applied per purchase.
​11. The Farm At Deer Crossing reserves the right to cancel or refuse a sale at any time.
​12. Any and all payment processing fees are the responsibility of the buyer (Paypal, etc).
Payment terms:
A $100 deposit will be required to reserve a goat (with 10 days for a check to clear).
The remainder of the purchase price will be due upon pick up (cash only please).
Goats not picked up within 30 days of the scheduled pick-up date will revert back
to being property of The Farm At Deer Crossing and no refund will be given on any money
paid unless other written arrangements have been made.
Buyers are expected to provide safe and comfortable transportation for their new goat(s).
This includes a carrier or crate large enough for the goat or a stock trailer/truck with cover.
If the carrier or crate is in the back of an open truck bed, buyer is expected to provide
protection from wind, rain, sun, cold, etc…
We reserve the right to refuse to sell or allow transportation of our goats with those that we
feel are not responsible for the safety of our animals. Single goats will only go to homes
with other goats, they are herd animals and do not do well alone.
Registration package for the Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR) and Transfer Memo. We feel
it is important and ask you to please consider registering your new goat to help preserve
the blood lines of this wonderful breed. Transferring the registration will be the buyer’s
responsibility, an application for joining the MGR will be provided.

Farm Stays

Farm-related recreation and tourism can be traced back to the late 1800's, when families visited farming relatives in an attempt to escape from the cities summer heat. Visiting the farm became even more popular with the widespread use of the automobile in the 1920's. Rural recreation gained interest again in the 1930's and 1940's by folks seeking an escape from the stresses of the Great Depression and World War II. These demands for rural recreation led to widespread interest in farm life. The demand for a slower-paced farm experience, once supplied by rural family members, seems to be somewhat difficult to satisfy so we offer farm stays. 

We offer two distinctly different accommodations -- The Cabin and The Nest -- each one offering a DIFFERENT farm experience...

The Cabin: We offer a wide variety of experiences from feeding and interacting with the goats and chickens to morning walks on the paths of the farm to experience wildlife of all sorts, to the leave-me-alone-I'm-resting-and-need-my-coffee experience.
The Farm at Deer Crossing offers the best of both worlds: a way to unplug, and a way to connect. So, plan a visit to rest, relax, reconnect, and rejuvenate! Bring the family. Max. 4 guests

The Nest, Treehouse: For those wanting more of a "romantic" side of things? Looking to escape the city and focus on each other? This Nest is probably just what the doctor ordered! Cozy and romantic on the inside, loads of restful space on the outside. Grill, fire pit, hammock, and deck. Same farm experiences are offered as The Cabin. Located in private, wooded area. Adults only, max. 2 guests

Tree Growing and Harvesting

We grow trees for local landscaping companies. We also offer full grown trees for transplanting to new homes and developments.

Coming the fall of 2019

We will be processing and selling Hemp from our new crop!!

       Hemp Farming and Sales

CBD flower refers to the buds of hempplants. Hemp generally contains around 15-20% CBD, in addition to a full spectrum of other cannabinoids.

     Farm Weddings and Elopements

We offer simple elopements or weddings with guests up to 100. 

Basic Elopement package which includes a night in our romantic treehouse. Chilled champagne, rose petals, candles and chocolate covered strawberries. Wood and starter log is also provided for a bonfire. Hours 3 pm until noon the following day. $500.00

Wedding Packages

includes outdoor ceremony benches and your choice of any outdoor decor we have.  Overnight stay for the bride and groom in our romantic treehouse. Chilled champagne, rose petals, candles and chocolate covered strawberries. Wood and starter log is also provided for a bonfire.

up to 50 guests $800.00

Add ons-

Country BBQ Buffet starting at $12 pp includes tea , coffee and water

Full service bar and bartender starting at $250

Overnight stays in our Cabin (sleeps 5) or Airstream (sleeps 4) $150 each per night 

Additional nights at the treehouse (sleeps 2) $179 per night

Cakes starting at $100

Sparkler  send off $100

 For available dates please send an email or text 615-804-8465


Testimonial from our client

We stayed at the farm for a long weekend with our grandkids. We 

loved everything about it. Drinking coffee on the porch and watching the deer go by. Campfires with smores at night. The kids loved feeding and interacting with the goats and chickens. The kitties were the sweetest and always welcomed us back. Paul and Donna were the best hosts!! Only a short drive into Nashville if you want to venture out. I highly recommend this for anyone that wants to destress and enjoy nature.

- Stephanie Morrison

Testimonial from our client

I have to admit I'm a "City" girl. When my husband booked a "Farm Stay" for our family I was worried. The experience was so much more than I ever expected. Just watching our kids experience country life was priceless. Kids today get so caught up with electronics and and have no idea of the things they are missing out on. Feeding the farm animals, hikes through the woods, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over the fire. This was something our family needed. The bonding we experienced while on the farm was something that can not be replaced. We have already booked an even longer stay for next year.

-Melissa Faulkenburg


We look forward to hearing from you!! 

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